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The Tempest,  Illinois Shakespeare Festival, 2023

"...delivers one ace performance after another. Rafael Untalan beautifully portrays Prospero’s complexity, part wizard, part wronged human, part dad of a teenager."

The Pantagraph


King Lear, Illinois Shakespeare Festival, 2022

As Gloucester, Rafael Untalan takes us on his journey from nobleman to someone who in blindness becomes truly noble...Stripped of everything, Lear discovers his humanity and blind Gloucester “sees” the truth. The quiet scene between the two of them, ragged and beaten and made wise at such terrible cost, is a gem.

The Pantagraph

The other outstanding performance was Rafael Untalan, who plays Gloucester the nobleman who is loyal to Lear, who seizes your attention as soon as he comes onto the stage. 

Classic Chicago Magazine


The Oldest Boy, Spooky Action Theater, 2019

 The father (a compellingly conflicted Rafael Untalan) is torn between his Tibetan traditions and love for his American wife. Their culture clash is saturated with affection. 

Washington Post

Rafael Untalan is beautiful as... a man who has made countless sacrifices for the people he loves, and is ready to make one more for his son's sake. Simply the way Untalan delivers a line like "it's slippery" (in a moment I wouldn't dare spoil) is enough to seize the coldest heart.  

Broadway World Washington

Jenna Sokolowski is Mother..and she turns in a performance that is amazing in its simplicity and complexity. She is matched by Rafael Untalan as Father, who simply IS the controlled yet so loving husband and father torn apart internally by conflicting impulses to his bred-in-the-bones homeland and his new homeland of his family...their attraction is electric. 

MD Theatre Guide

The Oldest Boy, Spooky Action Theater, 2019

Cyrano de Bergerac, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, 2018

Rafael Untalan is a smoothly nasty Comte de Guiche  


Just as he did in “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” ...Untalan shows his range as the unapologetically slimy Comte de Guiche.

Daily Camera

Cyrano De Bergerac, directed by Chris Duval

Love's Labour's Lost, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, 2018

As the Spanish knight, Don Armado, Rafael Untalan straight up steals every one of his scenes. When he was offstage I found myself counting the moments until his return.

Boulder Weekly

Of especial notice is Don Adriano de Armado, a delightfully over-the-top Rafael Untalan
Play Shakespeare

Astoria, Part II, Portland Center Stage, 2018

There's fresh pleasure in the work of Rafael Untalan, as the friendly, slyly witty Chinook leader named Concomly.

Oregon Arts Watch

Astoria, Part II, Portland Center Stage, 2018.  Directed by Chris Coleman

The Price, Arena Stage, 2017

 Untalan is a notably vulnerable Walter, making good sense of the wealthy character's emotional fragility and brittle armor.

Washington Post


Ken Ludwig's Baskervville: A Sherlock Homes Mystery

Cleveland Play House, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 2017

Rafael Untalan makes Sherlock Holmes as pompous as Holmes should be. Holmes always knows more, understands more, and unravels more than any character in fiction. Untalan tosses off his wisdom as if we're all fools for not understanding what he grasps in a moment of personal brilliance.  

Talkin’ Broadway

...the brilliant Holmes (played with mercurial intensity by Rafael Untalan


Holmes (a fully vested and perfectly intense Rafael Untalan)  

Cleveland News-Herald

Yellow Face, Theater J, 2014

Rafael Untalan is superb.  Marcus G. Dahlman, AKA Marcus Gee goes through the most transformation and Untalan is a marvel to behold.  Untalan as Marcus Gee has a noble bearing and open inquisitive nature.  You can almost see the wheels turning in his mind as he puts the puzzle pieces together...  DC Theatre Scene

For Hwang has found a leavening agent that binds the conceits and holds the whole evening together: the story of an actor — marvelously portrayed by Rafael Untalan — who is hired to play the starring role in a Hwang play...   Washington Post   

Marcus G. Dahlman, played fabulously by Rafael Untalan 

MD Theatre Guide


The Duchess of Malfi, We Happy Few, 2014

Untalan radiates hangdog charisma.

Washington Post

Untalan, as the melancholy and reluctant spy Bosola, commanded the scenes in which he appeared. Webster really tells much of the story through the eyes of Bosala, and Untalan’s clear rendering of the verse and brooding intensity combined into a masterful performance.  

DC Theater Scene

Equally tough to nail down is Bosola, probably the biggest part of the play, but nail him Untalan does. I don’t know if this hired cutthroat is too smart, too kind, or just incompetent, but he’s fun to watch.

Brightest Young Things


Equivocation, Virginia Repertory Theatre, 2014

Rafael Untalan adeptly presents a complex, genuine bard: a grief-stricken father who can barely look at dead son’s twin sister; a people-pleaser who is always quick with a witty compliment; an artist, encouraging his actors to simply “be human” on stage, rather than heroic.    

Richmond Family Magazine

Equivocation, Virginia Repertory Theatre, 2014.  Directed by Jan Powell
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